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The most important aim of our Chair is scientific activity. Realizing research projects with support of Ministry of Science and European Union
in a broad field of clinical genetics is our main mission.

Every area must have appropriate clinical and laboratory background. Due to that samples for research are provided and clinical corelation can
be seen. Medical Genetics is a clinical dicipline and it cannot exist without patients and genetic counselling. Without clinical background realising research projects is impossible so Chair of Clinical and Laboratory Genetics consists of three closely cooperating entities: Department of Clinical Genetics, Department of Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids and Genetic Outpatient Clinic.


Department of Clinical Genetics

Our projects cover seven areas of research
Aetiopathogenesis of intelectual dissability
Aetiopathogenesis of bladder cancer
Genetic predisposition to cancer
Aetiopathogenesis of male infertility
Molecular characteristics of Y chromosome in cases of male infertility an sexual development disorders
Methods of development stimulation and rehabilitation of children with disabilities
Endo and exogenic factors of infertility in Łódź region

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